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Welcome to Gravity Hypnotic Bathware

We at Gravity have launched so many new innovative, design-driven,unique and luxurious style bathroom and kitchen fittings to the market. The experts at Gravity are specialists in casting, assembling and finishing our products to the very highest level. Combined craftsmanship is to create a product beyond compare.

Let's discover the sheer diversity of styles in Gravity collections.

New Amaze

For those who desire everyday luxury and convenience, we present the Shower Collection from Gravity. Every shower should be this inviting, smooth, seamless, built to last showers. It saves water without giving up a luxurious, drenching shower experience which delivers a relaxing spray for a soothing hydrotherapy experience.

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Bath Faucets

Our extensive products are made up with durable materials that will enhance the beauty of any bathroom/Kitchen for years to come. Faucet's streamlined design delivers a contemporary feel perfect for a modern bathroom design with a striking smooth water flow.The faucet's clean lines, high-arc spout, and reflective chrome finish provide a refined, upscale look.

Add a splash of contemporary style and modern elegance to your bathroom.

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