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Thermostatic Diverter 3 Function Grey Valentina



The revolutionary thermostatic diverter has been crafted using cutting-edge German technology! The diverter ensures precise control over water flow and temperature, giving you the perfect shower every time. Elevate your bathroom with unmatched performance and reliability.

  • The 3 function Thermostatic Diverter comes in 2 premium finishes: white and grey
  • The diverter maintains the specified temperature setting which can be changed between 37 degrees to 45 degrees according to your preference.
  • The 3 functions allow you to seamless control the shower, spout and hand shower with a touch of a button
  • It has a child lock function which gives you peace of mind that the children will not get scalded by hot water. The child lock function still gives the child the freedom to change the temperature from 37 to 40 degrees.



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