If you want to create a clean and sleek appearance of the bathroom, then you ought to think about choosing bathroom elements that come in sleek and clean lined forms, made from sleek and clean materials, such as these stunningly designed Faucets by Gravity Bath Pvt. Ltd. 
A beautiful bathroom sink will surely add a super refreshing ambiance in the bathroom but only when you have the perfectly matched faucets to elevate the design and give you bathroom an ultra modern and contemporary feel.


Marble Basin with Single Lever Basin Mixer by Gravity, that Matches and Enhances the Look

This beautifully designed basin mixer by Gravity Bath is the perfect choice if you want to add marble fittings and give your bathroom an Ultra Luxe finish. We love the simple and yet super contemporary design and modern appearance of this faucets that can go with marbles as well as ceramics. Get it here.


Modern Glass Basin Mixer to go with your Glass Bathroom Fittings 

Glass bathroom sinks are such a rave in bathroom design these days, but what about the faucets? why use the same old simple design. The Glass Basin Mixer by Gravity Bath is the perfect partner to your glass basin. It’s totally outstanding and creative form will add a nice accent to your bathroom and provide it with modern and bold feel. Get it here.


Beautifully Designed Single Lever Faucets with Luxurious Gold Accents 

If you are looking to give your bathroom a rustic Victorian feel then this beautiful faucet with golden accents will not only enhance but add a luxurious feel to your Bathroom.Get it here.


Wall Mounted Faucets in Sleek Design by Gravity for the Ultra Modern Bathroom 

Floating basins can give your bathrooms a very futuristic and modern look, but you also need the same design form to be carried on. The chocolate collection of faucets by Gravity Bath is the solution to your design problems when looking for sleek design and functionality in faucets.Get it here.


Luxury Waterfall Basin Mixer by Gravity Bath.

This Luxury Waterfall Basin Mixer is a design Marvel and will fit seamlessly into any modern bathroom. Its built to maintain a dazzling and long lasting finish.Find it here.

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